by Ivan Vukosavljevic

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Live at Listenpony: NAS Duo

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Ghost was commissioned by Listenpony, and first performed at Listenpony #13, February 2017, by Laefer Quartet.

Ivan writes:
The title _Ghost comes from my fascination at the time with sounds that would appear as if 'hidden' within the instruments, an offshoots of their elaborate construction and mainly that of the clarinet._

Producing these 'ghost sounds' through fast trilling on the clarinet with very specific fingering, and by removing the attack of a percussion instrument and leaving only the drone, seemed to me kind of like conjuring a ghost in a very precise ritual.

Ghost has been further performed at the Lucerne Festival in Switzerland and at _The Belgrade review of composers in Serbia._

_Some works that I've made around the same time which came from a similar mindset are:
The Atlas Slave
Stone Skeleton
Ghost in the piano
Trills, spills & bellyaches
The Burning
Still Life

Ivan Vukosavljevic

Ivan Vukosavljević (1986) is a Serbian composer living in Den Haag, with a diverse background and works meandering on the banks of classical, noise & drone, early music, Indian classical, etc.

Laefer Quartet

The Laefer Quartet is widely regarded as one of the most exciting and dynamic saxophone quartets currently performing in the UK. They have been recipients of numerous awards including Park Lane Group Artists, the Elias Fawcett Ensemble Award for an Outstanding Ensemble in the 2017 Royal Over-Seas League Competition, and are Making Music Selected Artists. Formed in 2012 at the Royal College of Music they were awarded the Boconnoc Music Award during their time there, and have since been performing across the UK at numerous venues, including The Royal Albert Hall’s Elgar Room, St. James's Piccadilly, and The Forge, Camden.