Funeral Music

by Emre Sihan Kaleli

Available on:

Live at Listenpony: Laefer Quartet

Recording available now

Funeral Music was commissioned by Listenpony, and first performed at Listenpony #12, November 2016, by Laefer Quartet.

Emre Sihan Kaleli

Laefer Quartet

The Laefer Quartet is widely regarded as one of the most exciting and dynamic saxophone quartets currently performing in the UK. They have been recipients of numerous awards including Park Lane Group Artists, the Elias Fawcett Ensemble Award for an Outstanding Ensemble in the 2017 Royal Over-Seas League Competition, and are Making Music Selected Artists. Formed in 2012 at the Royal College of Music they were awarded the Boconnoc Music Award during their time there, and have since been performing across the UK at numerous venues, including The Royal Albert Hall’s Elgar Room, St. James's Piccadilly, and The Forge, Camden.