Live at Listenpony: Laefer Quartet

Released 12 May 2017

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Listenpony is proud to release a live EP of the Laefer Saxophone Quartet. This is the quartet's first recorded output, and was captured live at our event in November 2016. As well as a fantastic transcription of Mendelssohn, it includes three first releases of Listenpony commissions by William Marsey, Emre Sihan Kaleli and Erica Telisnor.

Track listing:

1. Felix Mendelssohn - 4 Pieces for String Quartet Op.81: III. Cappriccio
2. William Marsey - Doctor
3. Emre Sihan Kaleli - Funeral Music
4. Erica Telisnor - The Bridge

Find out more about the Laefer Quartet

Artwork by Daniel Strange.

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