Live at Listenpony: Tabea Debus

Released 4 Oct 2019

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Star recorder player Tabea Debus performs an array of solo music by Telemann, Bach, Freya Waley-Cohen and Alex Paxton. Recorded Live at Listenpony, London, January 2019.

  1. Alex Paxton - TellSong *
  2. Telemann - Fantasia per il Flauto senza Basso No. 2 in A Minor, TWV 40:3
  3. Bach - French Suite No. 6 BWV 817
  4. Freya Waley-Cohen - Caffeine

* Single released 20 September

Recorded live at Listenpony, January 2019, these four tracks showcase exceptional variety and quality of new music making in London. Two brand new, energetic compositions from young composers Alex Paxton and Freya Waley-Cohen are played alongside world-class performances of Telemann and Bach (the latter in a new arrangement by the player).

Charismatic virtuoso Tabea Debus showcases the powerhouse skills that make her a world-renowned solo recorded player, offering brilliant realisations of new music, and surprising and fresh performances of much-visited classics.