Listenpony #3: At Arch 402 Gallery

19:15 Thursday 21 March 2013
Arch 402 Gallery
37 Cremer Street, London E2 8HD

Set amongst Josie Spencer's sculpture exhibition 'Low Entropy: The Archeology of our Time', in the beautiful acoustic of the Hoxton Arches, this concert placed soloists and small ensembles next to Spencer’s powerful life-size figures.

J S Bach Bach Solo Cello Suite No. 2
Josephine Stephenson Anamnesis 
Benedict Giles The Harbour*
Adam Dickson Focussing*
Alex Brusentsev In Mourning*
Kate Whitley, Finn Beames The anatomy of melancholy 
Freya Waley-Cohen Fragments*
William Marsey I Don't Belong Here*

Acoustic set from Agathe & Fine 

*world premiere / Listenpony commission 

Kate Bateman, flute
Finn Beames, voice
Nick Goodwin, electric guitar
Becky Hen-Yuang Hang, flute
Maud Millar, soprano
Fra Rustumji, violin
Eddie Sanford, violin
Vahan Sarkissan, guitar
Josephine Stephenson, soprano
Tom Wraith, cello

More on the new music from this event:

  1. Adam Dickson: Focussing
  2. Freya Waley-Cohen: Fragments
  3. William Marsey: I Don't Belong Here
  4. Alex Brusentsev: In Mourning
  5. Beni Giles: The Harbour