Listenpony #2: RADA Bar 2

19:30 Tuesday 4 December 2012
RADA bar
Malet Street, London

Schubert, G. Butterworth, R. Strauss Song set 
Freya Waley-Cohen Icarus dreaming*
William Marsey Can't Sleep / A Dream*
G. Butterworth Song set 
Angell Lin Rats 
Angell Lin Paranoid 
Kate Whitley 3 pieces for piano and violin 
Josephine Stephenson Two Sacred Evening Songs 
Alice Beckwith A Scarlet Sky*
Adam Dickson Variations*

To Kill a King Pop Set

*world premiere / Listenpony commission 

Molly Alexander, soprano
Ivan Cheng, bass clarinet
Cora Cisman, flute
Adam Dickson, piano
James Henshaw, piano
To Kill a King, band
Amy Lyddon, mezzo-soprano
Colm O'Reilly, violin
Beatrice Philips, violin
David Price, oboe
Hannah Rankin, bassoon
Dom Sedgwick, baritone
Kate Whitley, piano
Eddie Yeh, violin
Mei Hui tan, piano

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More on the new music from this event:

  1. Alice Beckwith: A Scarlet Sky
  2. Freya Waley-Cohen: Icarus dreaming
  3. William Marsey: Two Piano Pieces about Food
  4. Adam Dickson: Variations