A Lady At Her Toilet

by William Marsey

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Listenpony Sessions: George Xiaoyuan Fu

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A Lady At Her Toilet was commissioned by Listenpony, and first performed at Listenpony #16 (Birmingham / Manchester / London), May 2018, by George Xiaoyuan Fu.

William writes:
This is from a larger set of pieces I've written called Dutch Indoor Subjects, which is out on CD. It's part of an ongoing attraction to portraying banal, personal moments in music, or writing music meant to accompany banal, private moments. This track is inspired by a 1600s painting -- a wealthy woman in private, getting dressed, getting ready to receive guests.

William Marsey

William Marsey is a UK-based composer.

George Xiaoyuan Fu

Praised for his performances of distinctive intelligence, sensitivity and virtuosity, American pianist George Xiaoyuan Fu is establishing an international reputation as a musician who is a “deep thinker, thoroughly in command” ( with “stunning virtuosity” (Boston Music Intelligencer).