Intuit Ventures

by Rūta Vitkauskaitė

Intuit Ventures was commissioned by Listenpony, and first performed at Listenpony #19, October 2019, by Joseph Havlat.

Ruta writes:
To write Intuit Ventures, I've purchased kalimba and melodica. There is something really exciting playing around with toy instruments, and I very much wanted to communicate in my piece the joy of exploration, as well as musical ideas that came out of it. However, I really pushed the 'performance' side to some limits - sounding and looking childish, the piece is not easy to play at all. I think, to some degree, it is watching the performer working so hard on such a small sound that makes the piece captivating for the audience.

Since the performance at Listenpony, I have attempted to play the piece myself as part of my self-performed Voice Cracks cycle.

The piece I have written that could be linked to Intuit Ventures is Oracle of Many Winds, written as exploration of Scotland's winds and created as graphic score, which performer freely plays around.

Rūta Vitkauskaitė

Joseph Havlat

Joseph Havlat is an Australian pianist based in the UK. He is passionate about contemporary music, and aside from work as a soloist he is also a keen chamber musician, performing frequently with his clarinet trio, the Tritium trio, and also the LSO percussion ensemble.