by Lise Morrison

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Live at Listenpony: Duo Bayanello

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Tracing was commissioned by Listenpony, and first performed at Listenpony #15, January 2018, by Duo Bayanello.

Lise writes:
'Tracing' was inspired by some colour similarities - and eventually contrasts - between the violoncello and accordion as the two musicians "trace" each other movements and inflections throughout the piece, borne from the rich spectrum of sounds created by an overpressured bow stroke, and dissipating to a thin air sound from both instruments.

Another Lullay for (for clarinet, electric guitar, and found object percussion, was composed at the same time, but completed much later than Tracing, along a very similar vein.

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Lise Morrison

Lise Morrison is a South African composer currently based in The Hague whose instrumental and electroacoustic music deals with (i.a) repetition within extended forms, and the effects of material and pacing change in a fragile environment of carefully exposed sounds

Duo Bayanello

Duo Bayanello is an ensemble created by accordionist Iosif Purits and cellist Cecilia Bignall.