by Joseph Howard

Building a House was commissioned by Listenpony, and first performed at Listenpony #19, October 2019, by Joseph Havlat.

Joseph writes of the piece:
The celesta for me is a dream-like instrument so I wanted to write a dream-like piece. It’s kind of floaty like a house of ‘pure imagination’.
You can find out more about the piece on Joseph's website.

Further listening:
Hailing, for orchestra

Joseph Howard

Joseph Howard is a composer working across a variety of contexts, including new music for acoustic instruments and voices, works for electronics and live instruments, and music for drama.

Joseph Havlat

Joseph Havlat is an Australian pianist based in the UK. He is passionate about contemporary music, and aside from work as a soloist he is also a keen chamber musician, performing frequently with his clarinet trio, the Tritium trio, and also the LSO percussion ensemble.