by Freya Waley-Cohen

Unveil was commissioned by Listenpony, and first performed at Listenpony #9, May 2015, by Vickers Bovey.

Freya writes:
I attempted to create a sense of simultaneity of different musical materials through a process of juxtaposition. I began by adapting several of the different characters Permutations into solo material, and expanding on them in this capacity.

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Freya Waley-Cohen

Freya Waley-Cohen is a British-American composer living in London. Her music is full of shifting kaleidoscopic colours and patterns anchored around melodic lines that twist and wind. It is characterised by contrasts between earthy rhythmic play with bold colours, and fragility, luminous spaces, and a sense of the otherworldly.

Vickers Bovey

Vickers Bovey Guitar Duo have been described as performers ‘with truly uncanny unanimity’ (Ivan Hewett, Daily Telegraph) and ‘with astounding exquisiteness’ (Paul Driver, Sunday Times).

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