by Dani Howard

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Live at Listenpony: Mainly Two

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Symmetry was commissioned by Listenpony, and first performed at Listenpony #11, March 2016, by Mainly Two.

Dani writes:
Symmetry for violin duo is a short, animated work which challenges the performers' natural instincts of playing either a leading or an accompanying role. It continuously and seamlessly shifts between the two roles in symmetry to each other, keeping both the players and the audience on their feet!

This work definitely began a new phase for me within my compositional writing. It was the first time I wrote a 'fast' piece - as everything before then had been extremely slow. It was quite eye-opening for me, as I found it challenging in a different way, but extremely engaging to work on, and certainly gave me the confidence to attempt further works that seemed fast/virtuosic. It was also the first 'fun' piece I wrote, which was also a turning point for me. Trying to take myself a little bit less seriously, and explore the more playful side to my own personality through my writing, which is something I still very much do to this day.

The title expressed how I saw the two players roles within the piece.

It has had a few more performances since the commission, including a US premiere (April 2018) by Verdant Vibes New Music Collective, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, and Multi-story orchestra members (2019) - Dulwich College.

Dani Howard

Dani Howard is a British composer and orchestrator who is striving to make new music more accessible to wider audiences.

Mainly Two

From the playful to the melancholic, the brutal to the plain silly, Mainly Two are rejuvenating the world of two violins, summoning a universe of colour from eight strings.