Listenpony at RADA bar 1

19:30 11 Jun 2012, RADA bar, Malet Street, London

Opening with a spectacular performance of Berg songs from mezzo Anna Harvey and pianist Finn Downie-Dear, our first concert at RADA had two world premieres, another three pieces by young composers, and a set from Parisian jazz musicians Fiona Monbet and Armel Dupas!

William Marsey's Red Hot Chilli Peppers took the Wikipedia articles for chilli peppers and birds (who don't feel chillis' heat) as their basis, exploring the chemical interaction that makes chillis spicy. Peter Yarde-Martin (also a composer that night), Anthony Friend (of Filthy Lucre), Kate Whitley (of Multi-Story) and baritone Nick Mogg.

Freya Waley Cohen's A Pyrrhic Smile was a set of five miniatures written for violinist Tamsin Waley-Cohen and cellist Jonathan Bloxham. You can find the recording on our soundcloud.

Violinist Fiona Monbet and pianist Armel Dupas ended the concert with a set of their own songs, as well as collaborating on a folk song arrangement with our composer-organiser Josephine Stephenson.

  1. Alban Berg 3 songs
  2. William Marsey Red Hot Chilli Peppers world prem
  3. Peter Yarde-Martin Into Aether
  4. Adam Dickson Madrigal
  5. Josephine Stephenson Duo
  6. Freya Waley-Cohen A Pyrrhic Smile world prem
  7. Jazz Set
  • Jonathan Bloxham, cello
  • Adam Dickson, Piano
  • Finnegan Downie-Dear, Piano
  • Armel Dupas, Piano
  • Anthony Friend, clarinet
  • Anna Harvey, Mezzo-Soprano
  • Justin Kim, Countertenor
  • Louisa Lam, Piano
  • Nick Mogg, baritone
  • Fiona Monbet, violin
  • Tamsin Waley-Cohen, violin
  • Richard Waters, viola
  • Kate Whitley, Piano
  • Peter Yarde-Martin, Trumpet

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