Listenpony + Anima

19:30 5 Mar 2014, TriSpace Gallery, Bermondsey

In collaboration with Anima, we bring animation and live music, chamber music and pop and classical songs to the TriSpace gallery in Bermondsey.

ANIMA, run by composer Chris Roe, is an exciting and unique project bringing together some of the UK’s most dynamic contemporary composers, musicians and filmmakers. Live music is performed by the ensemble alongside projections of abstract animated films. They brought Listenpony a host of new animation and compositions.

William Marsey's contrafactum replaced the words of Tallis and Byrd works with contemporary texts, and Josephine Stephenson, Adam Dickson and Alex Paxton's new works were given world premieres.

  1. Robert Peate Flocculation
  2. Simon Eastwood Fluxion
  3. Mike Betteridge Cradle to the Grave
  4. Chris Roe Jetez!
  5. Aaron Holloway-­Nahum Campane che svanisco (extract)
  6. Freya Waley-Cohen Day Three
  7. Mendelssohn Gruss
  8. Strauss Traum durch die Daemmerung
  9. Schubert Der Lindenbaum
  10. Schumann Mondnacht
  11. Adam Dickson Palindrome world prem
  12. Alex Paxton Talent
  13. Jasmin Rodgman ...passing...
  14. Ed Scolding Abscind
  15. Jose Puello Acumaya (extract)
  16. Kirsty Devaney Inkocosmos
  17. Benjamin Tassie Spheres
  18. Josephine Stephenson Récréation world prem
  19. T. Tallis O Sacrum Convivium
  20. William Marsey, Byrd Libera me et pone / Boosey & Hawkes world prem
  21. William Marsey, J S Bach Das alte jahr vergangen ist (originally for organ) world prem
  22. William Marsey, Byrd Siderum Rector / For Grace After a Party world prem
  23. Ben Osborn & Band
  • Kate Bateman, flute
  • William Bouvel, tenor
  • Becca Cass, oboe
  • William Cole, baritone
  • Mark Darling, tenor
  • Adam Dickson, Piano
  • Maximillian Fuhrig, baritone
  • Amy Green, saxophone
  • Jenni Hogan, flute
  • Harriet Hougham-Slade, alto
  • Ilze Ikse, flute
  • Olivia Jageurs, harp
  • Minn Majoe, violin
  • William Marsey, bass
  • Hannah Massion-­Smyth, cello
  • Sean Rooney, Piano
  • Martins Smaukstelis, voice
  • Josephine Stephenson, soprano
  • Bas Treub, violin
  • Haru Ushigusa, violin
  • Konrad Wagstyl, violin
  • Tom Wraith, cello
  • Martin Wray, viola

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