Abstruckt + Vickers Bovey + Tir Eolas

20:00 12 Oct 2015, Crypt on the Green, Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R 0EA

Our October concert hosted the Vickers Bovey Guitar Duo, Abstruckt Ensemble and Tir Eolas at the beautiful Crypt on the Green in Clerkenwell.

The Vickers Bovey Guitar Duo, musicians with 'beautifully effortless techniques, musicality in abundance, and that special ingredient that makes them stand out… originality!', premiered new works by William Marsey, Benedict Giles,and Rubens Askenar as well as presenting Scarlatti K78 in B minor and two movements from Piazzolla's 'Tango Suite'.

Abstruckt Ensemble, a collective of percussionists who specialise in performing contemporary and theatrical repertoire, premiered new works by Josephine Stephenson, Tom Rose and Freya Waley-Cohen as well as performing Wally Gun's 'Viscous Children' and Theo Loevendie 'Doppleriana'.

The 'enchanting' (folk words) Tir Eolas closed the evening with a set of their alternative folk music.

  1. Wally Gunn Vicious Children
  2. Thierry de Mey Musique de Tables
  3. Josephine Stephenson all casual bits and scraps, assembled world prem
  4. Tom Rose her Bronze at the back world prem
  5. Freya Waley-Cohen Glass world prem
  6. Scarlatti K87 B Minor
  7. Astor Piazzolla Tango Suite
  8. William Marsey Chorale world prem
  9. Benedict Giles Deaf Echo world prem
  10. Rubens Askenar Zapateado prem
  11. Final set
  • Vickers Bovey, Guitar duo
  • Abstruckt Ensemble, percussion
  • Tir Eolas, folk band

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